Scheduling Your Maintenance Plan

Proper ventilation and air circulation are what keeps your home or business building from being cold enough to see your breath indoors during the winter and avoid becoming stuffy, sweltering and more than a little unbearable during the summer. Preventative maintenance is what keeps these scenarios from occurring. It’s more than a matter of discomfort, too. Your indoor air temperature easily affects your daily health – and the productivity of your employees – as well as the air quality indoors. Becoming overheated or enduring colder temperatures for an extended period can weaken your immune system by wearing you down. A loss of air circulation, ventilation, and filtration means the contaminants being brought inside only clusters together more. Ducts left uncleaned breed mold and bacteria so you or your employees are breathing in many more times pollutants and allergens than the average household.

Heating & Cooling System Services

Breathing in the contaminated air on a daily basis can cause asthma and similar respiratory issues to develop – both short term and long term. Moreover, an air conditioning unit or heating system which is constantly breaking down is only a drain on your expenses and a constant migraine.

Making sure your home or building remains inhabitable means using superior quality preventative measures and honest repair services. It also means ensuring the safe use of heating and cooling units and of your electricity. CADCO can help with each of these! After more than 20 years of heating and cooling service in Huntington, WV and Ashland, KY, our training and experience are geared towards providing top quality heating systems, central AC units and generator installations. All of these services and more are provided by CADCO at affordable prices.

Not only do we provide these comprehensive services, but our preventative maintenance plan also offers the advantage to residential and commercial property owners heading off a large number of issues, breakdowns, and complications down the road. Prevention plans and maintenance routines have proven to save owners a monumental amount of time, money and stress in the long run. This includes utility bills, unit replacements, and health bills which result from poor air quality and erratic temperatures.

Proper maintenance prevents your system from degrading quickly and ultimately failing years before it should reasonably have to, cutting its efficiency lifespan nearly in half. There is a set list of unique needs which each piece of AC and heating equipment require in terms of maintenance to be performed in order to avoid the need for major repairs, and our contractors at CADCO know them all.

Become Part of the Comfort Family

Most of the mechanical breakdowns we see in the residential and commercial photo of heating system control, thermostat, hvac maintenanceheating and air conditioning industry can be avoided with regular service and maintenance. We know that changing your filters and cleaning your heating and cooling unit can be easy to forget in our busy lives these days. It’s for that reason that we have designed our “Comfort Family” to allows services to be as affordable as possible for all of our family members. By signing up for your Comfort Family Package, you are helping to ensure your family’s comfort by preventing breakdowns. When you sign up with one of our bi-annual service plans, you can expect two visits per year by one of our highly trained professional service experts. When it does come time to replace your equipment you will qualify for our “CADCO Comfort Friends and Family” special pricing.

Comfort Family participation is available to all of our customers in Huntington, WV and Ashland, KY.

Our predictive maintenance services go a long way in preventing major problems with you ac system and heating system so that you can trust in smooth operating year-round. And for your convenience, we also offer emergency HVAC services any time of the day or night. Call CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. at (606) 324-1121 to learn more about the full heating and cooling preventative maintenance services in Ashland, KY, and Huntington, WV!

With the CADCO Family of Comfort maintaining your heating and cooling systems, you can always expect complete comfort indeed.