Furnace Replacements & Repairs

When you begin shopping for a new furnace, your first step should be to contact an experienced, licensed heating contractor. Residential central heating and air conditioning is an important feature to any modern home. Therefore, when you’re in need of furnace repairs or replacements in Ashland, KY, or Huntington, WV, call on CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. experts. We provide free inspections and will help you decide on and install the right heating unit for you.


First Step To a Warmer Home

Remember, size matters a lot. If you get a furnace which is too big, it will cost you a lot more money for the installation and monthly utilities as well as take up much too much space. If you get a furnace which is too small, it will never be able to heat your home evenly and will exhaust and damage itself while trying to do so. Even the size of your duct work will matter significantly in air flow. 


For the type, you have the choice as a homeowner to pick between an electric furnace, an oil furnace, or a gas furnace for your central heating system.

  • Electric furnaces are so named because they warm air through the use of electrical energy to distribute it evenly throughout your house. For example, an EFA system, or Electric Forced-Air furnace system, includes comfort controls and a heating element for maximum heating effect as well as absolute operator ease. EFA furnace systems offer an electric home heating system which is fairly popular due to its easy installation and use.
  • Conventional gas furnaces typically take in cold air, cleans it with an air filter, heats it using a steel heat exchanger with a gas burner and then distributes the warmed air through your house’s ductwork with a blower motor.
  • Oil-fired furnace systems are installed with a simple thermostat for full control, as well as a fresh-air damper. While they are typically cheaper to install than a gas furnace, each type of heating system has its own advantages.