Generator Installation

Generator Installation with Cadco

Whether you run a school, hospital, IT business, or other highly efficient commercial business, it is important that your electricity source stays steady and dependable, day and night. When you choose a generator, you have to be able to trust in both the ability of your generator and the abilities of its professional installers. The expert generator installation in Ashland, KY and Huntington WV offered at CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. is only a phone call away. We offer full professional installation and replacement generator services for the Ashland-Huntington metro area and beyond!


Reliable Backup Power Source

Our generator installations and maintenance adds years of life of reliable functionality.

During times of regular electricity malfunctions or power shortages, it’s important to know your generator will kick on with no extra issues that you are already facing. Discussing with a generator professional and scheduling a free inspection and consultation with a generator specialist is the best way to determine the needs of your business. The type and size of generator you want to be installed will need to be able to handle stepping in and powering your building when regular means of electricity fails you. Be sure the capacity matches your needs for as long as it may be necessary.

Our CADCO generator experts have decades of experience installing and maintaining many types of generators throughout Kentucky. We will take into consideration your financial budget, building size and unique electricity needs. That way we can guide you through how to check on your own generator and be certain for yourself that it will restore power when you need it most.

Backup generators offer 24/7 backup electricity so that in the event of a blackout, your business is never left in the dark. To remain reliable, your generator equipment needs the same maintenance as your regular air conditioning system. This means having a generator specialist provide the following services is vital

  • Replace air filters
  • Change oil
  • Inspect battery system
  • Inspect lubrication system
  • Inspect cooling system
  • Test fluid samples
  • Flush coolant
  • System load testing