Residential Services

Residential Heating and Cooling Services

For residential heating and cooling services in Ashland, KY or Huntington, WV, call CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. licensed contractors. When it comes to picking a new residential heating and cooling system, remember that proper sizing makes a huge difference in effectiveness, longevity, and energy efficiency. It is much too common that contractors install systems which are larger than actually necessary given the space they are managing. If the system has a smaller capacity then poor distribution and inefficient insulation quickly become large issues. To avoid callbacks, A/C and heating contractors install larger systems, which can end just as badly. An oversized system may never reach its peak operating efficiency which actually damages the system and shortens its lifespan considerably.

For the sake of efficiency, picking the right size central air conditioner can make a huge difference in annual energy costs. Not only in monthly utility bills, but also in general maintenance and any repair costs, as these will be more infrequent and twice as effective.


Types of Heating

Natural gas, oil, propane or electric furnaces offer an excellent range of efficiency. There are three types of furnaces defined beyond their energy source: minimum efficiency, mid-efficiency and high-efficiency. The minimum efficiency model typically has an average of an AFUE of 78% to 80%. Their internal vent dampers tend to reduce off-cycle losses and are excellent for mild climates. Mid-efficiency furnaces have an average 83% AFUE for propane and gas furnaces, yet up to 87% for oil furnaces. They extract more heat from their fuel source given their new “high-static” burners. High-efficiency furnaces average at an efficiency of 90% to 96% AFUE. This is the most cost effective solution for colder climates.


Boilers and electric heat pumps – especially geothermal heat pumps – are highly efficient heating equipment given your residential needs.