Boiler Repairs & Installations

The boiler repair technicians at CADCO are fully licensed, insured and certified in residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. We are courteous, respectful professionals who are glad to assist in all heating and cooling related issues. The warmth and comfort of your home is a top priority of ours, and our heating system crews are happy to help! Call on CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. to provide boiler repairs and installations in Ashland, KY or Huntington, WV. We will be sure to get your current boiler either back up and running or your new boiler fully functional within the day!

We offer the highest quality workmanship on every project in order to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our boiler installers and repair technicians carry their commitment to improving home heating systems proudly, staying highly trained in the recent technological developments within the industry. We also use top-rated equipment for reliable service.


Time Marches On

Older boilers carry the same risk as any other piece of aging equipment in your home. As such, they face a series of issues. If those issues have occurred or begun to occur at your house, call CADCO heating and cooling specialists as soon as possible! As an amateur, you never want to play around with with boilers. Minor inconveniences can quickly turn into boiler emergencies in the hands of a novice or if left in disrepair. Take advantage of our installers’ experience and knowledge today by calling and scheduling a free evaluation visit. We will assess the state of your boiler and make the necessary repairs or provide the maintenance service which will best improve your heating system back to its original state of top functionality.

If your boiler is making odd noises or leaking, has weak water pressure, unheated water, an inaccurate thermostat or a pilot light that is out, then it is definitely time to contact our licensed air conditioning and heating professionals.