Indoor Air Quality Testing

IAQ Concerns

One of the greatest overlooked threats to our health on a daily basis is also one of the greatest threats we face in our lives – the air we breathe. Between all of the regular pollutants we release into the air – from car exhaust to burning plane fuel – as well as general contaminants such as dust, dirt, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and mold, we expose our lungs to a lot of potential damage every day. Some allergens are simply unavoidable, while others can be easily eliminated by making one simple, informed choice. Call CADCO Heating and Cooling, Inc. We provide indoor quality air testing and air cleaning solutions for Ashland, KY, Huntington, WV and many surrounding cities.

With every passing year in the last decade we have made great scientific bounds in gathering evidence which clearly indicates the importance of indoor air quality, and how the average household and commercial buildings have poor quality air. Studies prove that Americans spend on average 90% of our time indoors, making exposure to air pollutants from inside a greater concern than those outside.

People who remain exposed to greater amounts of indoor air contaminants have proven to be the most susceptible for developing respiratory disease, chronic illness, and short term and long term breathing issues.


Home Air Check

Degrading air quality in our living spaces is a common issue we all face on a daily basis. That is why CADCO experts provide free consultations at your home or business for a professional and official indoor air testing check. That way, we can accurately evaluate the risks you are facing and discuss the indoor air quality solution which best fits your building and your central cooling and heating system.

The state of your ventilation system matters a great deal in the allergens level of your indoor air as well. A leak can mean an even higher level of contaminants in the air, in addition to the mold, mildew, and bacteria which naturally breed in the dark and damp environment within the ductwork.